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A Self-sufficient Neutral

Adobe Garamond Pro has three weights with corresponding italics, small caps, swash capitals, and ligatures. It is a traditional (relatively small), roman typeface family that is based on 16th-century metal type. A handful of other “Garamond” revivals bear resemblance to it. They, too, were inspired by the work of Robert Granjon and Claude Garamond (or Jean Jannon, whose punches were mistakenly attributed to Garamond). There are differences in angularity, x-height, and width among these renditions, so Adobe Garamond Pro should not be combined with other Garamond revivals.

adobe garamond pro (Robert Slimbach, 1989) is a revival of an old style serif of 16th-century France that channels the strong, precise forms of its metal predecessor and possesses a delicate flow from stem to foot. Its varied stroke thickness and humanist axis point to handwritten forms of broad nib pens. It is a reliable neutral with a spirited, dynamic italic. Despite the original’s prevalence across Europe, several revivals were actually based on the work of Jean Jannon.

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