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family history

A Seasoned Superfamily

ITC Century (1975) was designed nearly a century after the original Century Roman (1896). Other iterations designed in the meantime include Century Broad-Face, Century Number 2, Century Expanded, Century Old Style, Century Catalog, Century Schoolbook, and Century Nova. Unlike its predecessors, ITC Century is an extensive superfamily of 16 styles that balances legibility and condensed proportions. ITC Century Handtooled is a stylish accompaniment that adds flavor atop ITC Century’s exact forms. Otherwise, use only one Century iteration at a time to ensure visual consistency.

itc century (Tony Stan, 1975)

ITC Century, a modern serif revival, derives from the original Century, Linn Boyd Benton’s custom typeface for Century magazine (1896), as well as Morris Fuller Benton’s Century Expanded and Century Schoolbook. The face is extremely legible thanks to Fuller Benton’s research during Schoolbook’s development, thus the Supreme Court of the United States requires that every booklet-format document be typeset in the family. Letterforms mean business with long, bracketed serifs, while large ball terminals and the flowing curl in the Qs tail add flair. Its condensed proportions and tight letterspacing are effective for periodicals.

itc century handtooled (Ed Benguiat, 1993)

ITC Century Handtooled is an open face version of ITC Century Std with white fill “incisions” added to the strokes of every charactera popular trend in the early 20th century. The typeface’s dimensional appearance is delightful at display sizes.

family portrait

It’s a good thing ITC Century Handtooled supports a tireless
work ethic; ITC Century often stays late at the office.