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Chaparral Pro
PMN Caecilia

chaparral pro Carol Twombly, 1997

Chaparral Pro is a hybrid slab-serif that balances the charm of 16th-century serifs with the bravura of 19th-century egyptians. Named after the evergreen oak in the California foothills, Chaparral Pro has angular, unbracketed serifs that exude masculine grit. Its lowercase e shows a slightly inclined angle in the crossbar, and its uppercase legs display effortless curves. Open apertures, subtle tapering, and varying letter proportions create lively and legible text.

pmn caecilia Peter Matthias Noordzij, 1991

PMN Caecilia, a neohumanist slab serif, achieves an unthinkable combination by integrating subtle line modulation and a narrow italic reminiscent of handwriting. In its development, Noordzij cycled through names including Academic, Claudius, and Gaudium before settling on the namesake from a line of revered women that includes his own wife, Marie-Cécile. Caecilias large counters and high x-height are so easy on the eyes that Amazon offers the typeface as a standard on its Kindle.

linoletter André Gürtler and Reinhard Haus, 1992

LinoLetter, a slab serif released by the Linotype Corporation in conjunction with the Basel School of Design, addresses typography in the age of electronic, mass-production publishing. LinoLetter is also constructed for high legibility with its large counters and tall x-height. Sharp terminals and grooved arms lend the letterforms to poor printing conditions like newspapers. With each dense, extended slab, a mechanical tone intersects with an objective, literary voice.