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utopia Robert Slimbach, 1993

Utopia, a transitional serif, is among the initial group of Adobe Original typefaces. Utopia’s design is not a direct revival. Its vertical axis and open counters maintain crispness even at low print quality. An industrious newspaper face, Utopia exhibits flair in its footless k and the lachrymal terminals of a, c, f, and r. Adobe’s donation of Utopia for the X Window System raised questions about offering free fonts in the (then) new age of digital type.

apollo Adrian Frutiger, 1964

Apollo is an old style serif commissioned for the Monotype Filmsetter, Monotype’s first photosetting machine, designed to include a range of highly legible text weights. Apollo is a re-envisioning of Frutiger’s first text face, Méridien. Apollo’s smaller capitals, blunter serifs, open counters, and minimal stroke modulation make it a reliable choice for text-heavy designs. Its consistent weights are light enough for legible text and hardy enough to ensure consistency under exposure.

maple Eric Olson, 2005

Maple, a derivative of retired Process Grotesque, is a grotesque sans serif that captures the idiosyncrasies and spunk of 19th and early 20th-century industrial-inspired sans. Its variety of weights offers texture at text and display sizes. Lowercase f’s bent hook, the centered tail on capital Q, irregular terminals, and thin tapering bring unpredictability to no-nonsense letterforms. Exaggerated stem slits add dynamism and a modern sensibility absent from past iterations.